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Bloom - Upcycling Workshop

Bloom - Upcycling Workshop

Please contact us for a quotation. Schools will enjoy a 10% discount with direct bookings!

Adorn your space with charm with Bloom vases, adding a touch of rustic elegance to any setting.

Come along as we tour a local pallet manufacturing facility to gain insights into the industry and sustainability scene in Singapore and find out how we actively repair and upcycle our wooden waste!

Min. 10 pax to start the workshop.
Max. 30 pax per session

MOQ 10 pax - 3 hours session
MOQ 20 pax - 3.5 hours session
MOQ 30 pax - 4 hours session


Programme flow:
1) Safety briefing and Introduction slides
- Circular economy and our sustainability initiatives 

2) Factory tour
- Identify & learn about the different pallet materials
- Visiting the upcycling production site where all the fun and action are!
- Pallet production site
- Heat treatment chambers
- Reclaimed materials site

3) DIY project 
- All sessions include pyrography (wood burning) for personalisation.

4) Debrief and Q&A session



  • One pair of vases per participant. 
  • Size: 60mm L x 70mm W x 100mm H
  • All materials have been pre-drilled and partially cut.
  • Includes preserved flowers, species may vary. 
  • Vases exclude laser engraving of logos.
  • Adult supervision is required for participants below 12 years old.
  • The session will be held in our workshop.

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only and actual products will differ due to the wood grains and natural defects.

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