Upcycling Processes

Upcycling Processes

All products are handmade in Singapore and the materials used will be sustainable, reclaimed wood salvaged from recycled wooden pallets and crates or offcuts during the pallet manufacturing process*.

By working with CREUSE, you will be part of our sustainability movement towards the Circular Economy and Zero-Waste Singapore. 

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Upcycling demands significant time and effort, but it's also a rewarding process. 

Here's an overview of the steps involved:

1) Dismantling broken pallets and crates into loose planks & boards

2) Heat Treatment to eliminate existing wood borne pests for all reclaimed wood

3) Custom cut to sizes depending on project requirements

4) Planks will go through a planer/thicknesser to trim them to a consistent thickness

5) As reclaimed wood comes in limited sizes, we will need to join them into bigger panels if required (e.g. table top)

6) Basic sanding to remove splinters

7) Assembly of parts

8) Applying suitable finishing and leaving it to dry

9) Lastly, finishing sanding to help remove minor imperfections



We hope that through our workshops and educational programmes, it will deepen your understanding and appreciation of this sustainable practice, showing you how it can not only reduce waste but also inspire innovation and promote a more conscious lifestyle.

Together, let's transform the way we view discarded materials and discover the beauty in giving them new life!

*We may use local felled trees from time to time, but it truly depends on the project requirements. 

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