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Great for cleaning oil spills!

Available for self-collection only.

Whatsapp us at 9017 9378.

Free Sawdust

  • Whatsapp us at 9017 9378.


    As part of our initiative and commitment to the Zero-Waste movement, we are giving away free sawdust! 


    Please note that the sawdust is a mixture of sawdust, chips, and shavings from mostly pinewood pallets and some hardwood pallets and plywood, which have been used all around the world, and there may be a chance that chemical treatment has been done.


    As the storage and use of the sawdust are beyond our control upon giving away, Xcel Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd & CREUSE will not be liable for any loss or damage.


    Do prepare a mat or newspaper for your vehicle in case of any spills.

  • Height of bag: 80cm

    Circumference: 160cm

    Weight: 20-25kg/bag


    For a collection of 4 bags, it will be on a pallet. 

    Overall size: 1.1.m x 1m x 90cm H

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