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Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual products will vary due to the nature of our reclaimed wooden materials and may feature natural defects.

花好 (Hua Hao) - Peony

  • We look towards combining packaging and functionality in one - this mooncake box incorporates oriental motifs into a simple silhouette of a gift bag. Featuring pallet pine with satin straps. Find out more about the significance in each design.

    Peony: Known as the 'king of flowers'. Its big petals and rich colours symbolize prosperity, good luck and honour in Chinese culture.

    Jade Rabbit: A symbol related to the Mid-Autumn Festival due to its act of selflessness. It is believed that the jade rabbit is a companion to Chang'e on the moon.

    Clouds: An oriental motif capturing the traditional act of moon viewing with loved ones during the festival.

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