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A collaboration between Mandai Wildlife Group & CREUSE

We are excited to share our next collaborative project with Mandai Wildlife Group!

This time, we have been invited to host upcycling workshops for their staff campaign roadshow which focuses on recycling and upcycling for the month of June. The objective of the campaign is to encourage sustainable habits and learn how to "creatively reuse" resources.


Our Chonkies collection features 3 different animals (from left to right) - Cats, Cows & Sheep - and were launched during the campaign day. Participants will be able to select their preferred upcycled planter, focus on the finishing touches such as sanding and personalisation, and take a succulent home.🌱

All planters are crafted locally with sustainable, reclaimed wood salvaged from recycled pallets and crates. By participating in our workshops, you will be part of our sustainability movement towards a circular economy and Zero-waste Singapore.

Thank you, Mandai Wildlife Group for supporting our Zero-Waste movement!🦧💚

Read below to learn more about our upcycling processes and behind-the-scenes.

For tips on how to care & maintain, click here.

To learn more about natural wood defects, click here.

Our upcycling process

XCEL adopts the circular economy model as part of our efforts to work towards Zero-waste. When we receive broken or damaged pallets, our priority is to repair them for their intended use. If they cannot be repaired, we will dismantle them and these materials will be upcycled into other pallets or into lifestyle products at our sustainable brand, CREUSE!


Upcycling may seem easy but it requires lots of time and effort! Here are the steps to complete an upcycled project:

  1. Dismantling pallets and crates into loose planks and boards.

  2. Heat treatment for all reclaimed wooden materials.

  3. Custom cut to sizes depending on project requirements.

  4. Jointing of reclaimed planks (Compulsory process for bigger panels).

  5. Planning/Thicknessing.

  6. The initial process of sanding wooden materials.

  7. Assembly of project items.

  8. Finishing process of sanding wooden materials.

  9. Applying of finishing coats.


During the process of completing an upcycled project, all offcuts, wooden chips, shavings and sawdust do not go to waste! These precious materials are ground into smaller pieces which will be collected and compressed into biomass pellets for biomass energy.

Thank you for being a part of our Zero-waste movement! ♻️🤍

Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Taking a step beyond animal care and wildlife conservation, Mandai Wildlife Reserve is working towards a sustainable future to help protect the environment and conserve biodiversity in Singapore and the region.


Click the links below to learn more about their Sustainability Initiatives and Operations.

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