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Welcome to CREUSE!

Welcome to CREUSE’s first blog post! For a start, we will be sharing the meaning behind our brand name and how CREUSE begin. Subsequently, we will be sharing more blog posts, mainly touching on sustainability.

So, what does CREUSE (/kriː ˈjuːz/) mean? CREUSE is made up of two words: Creative reuse (aka upcycling). Take the “cre” from creative and combine it with "use" from reuse and voila! CREUSE was born! We, XCEL Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd started CREUSE in the year 2020 as a sustainable brand to represent our sustainability efforts, and our sole mission is to help reduce waste.

XCEL’s core business activities are the manufacturing and supply wooden pallets, crates and packaging materials to various industries such as food, logistics and electronics. If the pallets are found broken or damaged after use, we will practice the 6Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Repurpose and Repair) on those pallets, as part of our sustainability efforts to reduce waste. To learn more about our efforts, you can read here.

Through CREUSE, we want to advocate the circular economy model to all companies by sharing our experience on how we successfully integrate it into our business model, which we will touch on in one of our future blog posts! We also aim to make sustainability affordable to the public because as consumers ourselves, we understand that there are plenty of sustainable products out there that are exorbitantly priced, which is often the biggest barrier for us to switch to sustainable products. By making sustainability affordable, we believe that more users will be able to make sustainable choices and we can all work towards a zero-waste world together!

We also offer a platform for anyone to share their zero-waste tips and tricks to help everyone start on their sustainable living journey! If you wish to contribute, all you need to do is join our community and start posting~

That's all for our introductory post for this week! We'll see you in our next blog post!

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