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A partnership between lyf & CREUSE

As an advocate for sustainability, lyf one-north Singapore has selected CREUSE as one of their partners in championing the importance of green living. As a brand that also emphasises on community, collaboration and innovation, lyf saw CREUSE's upcycling woodworking workshops as an interesting way of raising awareness on the topic of eco-consciousness among their guests.

lyf one-north Singapore brings authentic stay experiences to the next level with a series of events, workshops, masterclasses and activities as part of their signature #lyfgoeslocal initiative. The lyf x CREUSE partnership focuses on creating functional daily products using recycled wood and materials. Aside from leaving a positive impact on the environment, such workshops also provide bonding opportunities for guests.

Please see below for more information about this meaningful partnership and the workshops we have conducted together so far!

For tips on how to care & maintain, click here.

To learn more about natural wood defects, click here.

Our upcycling process

XCEL adopts the circular economy model as part of our efforts to work towards Zero-waste. When we receive broken or damaged pallets, our priority is to repair them for their intended use. If they cannot be repaired, we will dismantle them and these materials will be upcycled into other pallets or into lifestyle products at our sustainable brand, CREUSE!


Upcycling may seem easy but it requires lots of time and effort! Here are the steps to complete an upcycled project:

  1. Dismantling pallets and crates into loose planks and boards.

  2. Heat treatment for all reclaimed wooden materials.

  3. Custom cut to sizes depending on project requirements.

  4. Jointing of reclaimed planks (Compulsory process for bigger panels).

  5. Planning/Thicknessing.

  6. The initial process of sanding wooden materials.

  7. Assembly of project items.

  8. Finishing process of sanding wooden materials.

  9. Applying of finishing coats.


During the process of completing an upcycled project, all offcuts, wooden chips, shavings and sawdust do not go to waste! These precious materials are ground into smaller pieces which will be collected and compressed into biomass pellets for biomass energy.

Thank you for being a part of our Zero-waste movement! ♻️🤍

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