DIY Planter Online Workshop with CREUSE

For pre-registered participants, please prepare your DIY Planter kit, a hammer and a small potted plant for the video tutorial.


Please click here if you are unable to view the video below.

In Support of Clean and Green Singapore 2020 (CGS 2020)

This CGS 2020, XCEL will be sponsoring 300 DIY Planter Kits for our online workshop hosted by our sustainable brand, CREUSE!

You will learn how to upcycle reclaimed pallet wood into small planters and be part of our Zero-Waste movement in the comfort of your own home! Please be assured that all our wooden materials have been treated and gone through the necessary processes.

Update as of 19 Nov 2020: All 300 kits have been mailed, please give around 3-5 working days to be delivered to your mailbox.

At the end of the workshop, show us your upcycled creation on social media by tagging

Who we are and where do we get our reclaimed materials?

CREUSE represents the Creative Reuse of reclaimed and recycled materials. We are an offshoot brand initiated by Xcel Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd, a local manufacturer and provider of innovative pallet and packaging solutions to key industries in Singapore since 1992. XCEL has been an advocate for recycling and Zero-Waste in Singapore. Hence, instead of discarding, we would repair wooden pallets & crates that are in usable conditions, while those that are in severe conditions will be dismantled. This process provides XCEL with the reclaimed materials (including off-cuts) that will be upcycled into CREUSE projects.

Upcycling wooden materials may seem easy but it requires lots of time and effort! Here are the steps to complete an upcycled projects:

  1. Dismantling pallets and crates into loose planks and boards.

  2. Heat treatment for all reclaimed wooden materials.

  3. Custom cut to sizes depending on project requirements.

  4. Jointing of reclaimed planks (Compulsory process for bigger panels).

  5. Planning/Thicknessing.

  6. The initial process of sanding wooden materials.

  7. Assembly of project items.

  8. Finishing process of sanding wooden materials.

  9. Finishing coats​.


During the process of completing an upcycled project, all offcuts, wooden chips, shavings and sawdust do not go to waste! These precious materials are ground into smaller pieces which will be collected and compressed into biomass pellets for biomass energy. This is our commitment to Singapore’s Zero-Waste movement. ♻️

View the gallery below for more behind-the-scenes content on the preparation for CGS 2020!